Walk Tassie


Tasmania, Australia’s smallest state is cold, wet and windy but a haven for bushwalkers, regardless of experience, skill level and aspiration.

Epic Walks

The Overland Track – 73km, a minimum of 3 days through Cradle Mountain- Lake St Clair National Park
South Coast Port Davey Track, long, gruelling, remote and wet – 160km and 2 weeks.
Penguin-Cradle Track 76km south from Penguin.
Tasman Coastal Trail – spectacular, dramatic, 477km from Devonport in the north to Dover in the south through forests, farmlands, highland plateaus, and past some of Australia’s oldest buildings and bridges.
On the east coast::

Freycinet Circuit in the Freycinet National Park is a 3 day trek covering 41.9km

Leeaberra Track Walk in the Douglas-Apsley National Park is 25km long and will take 2-3 days
Tasman Trail Walk starts at Devils Kitchen in the Tasman National Park and it will take 3-4 days to cover the 50.8km

One of the most famous reserves, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park contains the state’s highest mountain – Mt Ossa (1614m). Besides the Overland Track, there is Cradle Mountain Summit Walk, a one day trek of 13.6km. Cradle Mountain Circuit takes another day (16.8km), Barn Bluff Walk is 2 days (27km), Reynolds Falls Walk is another 2 day walk (24.4km).

Lake St Clair is Australia’s deepest lake (161m) is known to the Aboriginal people as Leeawuleena (the sleeping water). Walks in this region are more difficult, longer but spectacular.
The Acropolis & Labyrinth Walk 35km (4 days)
Mt Olympus Circuit 35km (2 days)

However there are shorter walks of less than an hour:
Enchanted Walk
Weindorfer Forest Walk

Walls of Jerusalem National Park has a full day (18km) walk in which the first two hours require steep climbing.

Frenchman Caps Walk in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park takes 3 days and covers almost 42km.

Mt Field West Walk in Mt Field National Park is a very long day walk of 21km. The East Circuit will take half a day.

Walking in the Southwest National Park to Mt Anne will take 4 days to cover the 36.2km but it is rugged, spectacular and awe inspiring.

If you have a couple of weeks then the South Coast Track from Scotts Peak Dam to Recherche Bay will be a challenging 149km

The Tasmanian islands provide stunning coastal scenery wihtout the crowds:

Flinders Island
Maria Island
Bruny Island
King Island